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Cult of Apollo is an experimental progressive psychedelic rock duo from Newburyport, Massachusetts. Its members are David Lansing and Max Niketic. They are currently working on an album titled Meadow due to be released soon. Meadow is Cult of Apollo's first album and is released to be completely free, under its own license, which can be found here. If you enjoy the album and would like to help the release of its sucessor, John Jennings, you are free to either donate (on the download page) or to provide your comments at the blog to help increase its overall quality.



  • Max Niketic: Bass, Guitar, Some Synth, Lute, Drums, Clarinet, Lead Vocals
  • David Lansing: Piano, Organs, Mandolin, Drums, Trombone, Electric Jug, Irish Flute, Theremin, Backing Vocals
  • Guest Musician: Patrick O'Connor (of Thyme), Drums on My Pockets Remain Clean, Parts of Meadow, and Ancient Galaxy Trip (Modern Starship)


  • This album was created with open source programs, which include but aren't limited to Ardour as a digital audio workstation, Jack for virtual routing, Fluidsynth alongside Qsynth as a software synthesizer, JAMin for mastering, and Audacity for additional mastering.

Special thanks to:

Gaz Hat (of the The Dee Tees and The Tripamynds), Paul Davis, and Charles Alderton

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